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Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing - Toronto Rug Cleaners


Why settle for basic mattress cleaning when you can have deep DetoxClean  mattress cleaning that removes the toughest soils and has significant health benefits

Toronto Rug Cleaners carpet cleaning cheapToronto Rug Cleaners - Have you considered that your mattress is something you use constantly, but never get cleaned? It makes sense to keep that mattress clean and fresh. A clean and sanitized mattress is a healthy mattress

The Mattress Deep DetoxClean process is achieved with the use of the latest advanced low-moisture hot-water extracting (aka Steam Clean) fine fabric tools and products that allow the controlled application of just enough water to perform a deep clean while enabling your mattress to dry in less than four hours.

These conditioners and low-moisture tools are especially formulated for delicate fabrics. We use safe, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable cleaning product that meets and exceeds environmental Protection Agency.

Our trained technicians will clean and sanitize your mattress on-site. There is no need to remove the mattress from your bed. Our cleaning system won’t damage floors, walls, or bed frames.


Stain and Odour Removal - Toronto Rug Cleaners

If your mattress has  stains or odours because of spills or pets, 416-SO-CLEAN have limited ability in removing these stains because your mattress does not have stain resistance built into (a healthier  option since your are sleeping on it 8 hours a night!)


Allergy Relief

416-SO-CLEAN highly recommends applying the all-natural allergy relief treatment on your mattresses if members of your household have asthma or allergies to pets or dust mites. This treatment creates a much healthier environment by reducing allergen levels by 90% or more.

The application of the Allergy Relief Treatment is one of the treatment option available in our Platinum Package, one more reason to choose the 416-SO-CLEAN Mattress Cleaning Platinum Package.


Fully Trained and Certified Technicians - Toronto Rug Cleaners

416-SO-CLEAN is the smart choice to care for and clean your mattresses because our technicians are IICRC certified Fabric Care specialists.


Give us a click or a call 416-762-5326 today and book your no-risk cleaning appointment. All services are covered by our 416-SO-CLEAN “LOVE IT or DON’T PAY” guarantee.

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